I want to thank Easter for giving me an excuse to draw Terra with bunny ears.

Favorite Unpopular Characters Meme


  • a character you were indifferent to until you started defending them
  • a character you love even with their flaws
  • a character you love who gets hate for (even rightly) opposing a fandom favorite
  • a character you love who is unfairly blamed for things going wrong
  • a character you love but is treated poorly in canon
  • a character you love who is often villianized for their relationships
  • a character you’re meant to hate but love instead
  • favorite character even canon seems to have forgotten
  • favorite underappreciated one-shot character
  • favorite underappreciated recurring character
  • favorite underappreciated regular character
  • top favorite underappreciated character

go forth and give love/gifs/graphics

AAHHH for now they’re WIP’s but as an assigment I had to make two hexafusion charts/memes.

The first one has:
Aqua / Kingdom Hearts
Cordelia / Fire Emblem Awakening
Nanami / Super DanganRonpa 2

The second:
Terra / Kingdom Hearts
Mink / DRAMAtical Murder
Squall / Final Fantasy

Ok, I’m sorry but the moment I saw Ryuko’s Junketsu I couldn’t help to think of Terra’s pants. (also variation of colors based from Terra’s original outfit just for the heck of it)

Some ideas for a proyect from Concept Art class.


It started with the text post of “Favorite character wearing glasses” and the need of drawing Terra.

This my first Advanced Traditional Animation exam. We had 2 hours and a half to make a football player running and throwing a ball.


Just when I was coloring it, I realized it looks a bit like that flappy bird…


Concept Art homework
(It’s a wolf/bear/horse)


Aaahhh, I wanted to post this soonesr but I kept forgetting~
They’re from my Concept Art class sketchbook.